My name is Birgit Roach and I am the founder of breeyoga, which originated in Vienna, Austria. I am a Yoga Teacher, Pilates & Barre instructor and certified in Nutrition and Thai Massage and passionate about Health, Fitness and of course Happiness!


 I have been teaching for more than 6 years and I love to inspire, challenge and empower you to become a better version of yourself. I was very fortunate enough to have learned about Yoga and its philosophy in India and worked in a Yoga Retreat in Goa, where I could deepen my Yoga knowledge and practice. My first and probably the most inspiring Yoga Teacher Training was with my stunning teacher, Tara Folton, in tropical Nicaragua. Tara has been a true inspiration ever since as she empowered us to find our own inner truth to share with you.


I teach powerful Hatha, flowy Vinyasa, as well as Yin Yoga and Meditation. My own journey has shown me that we go through different stages in life, hence we may require a variety of physical and mindfulness practices. I am capable to adjust group and corporate classes according to your needs. The connection to nature and the integration of the elements and chakras (energy channels) is a big part of my yoga classes.


After quite a few years of teaching different kinds of Yoga, I felt like I wanted to deepen my understanding of body movement and breathwork. Even though Yoga has helped me so much on physical and emotional levels, I have always enjoyed fitness and am passionate about swimming, running and cycling :) I felt like I wanted to give you a full spectrum of how to move, to challenge and to take care of your body.


Soon I started to take on a lot of one-on-one classes and figured that expanding my repertoire with Pilates and Barre would acompany the Yoga I am offering immensely. Whilst Pilates is characterized by low-impact movements focussing on strentgh and stability, Barre is basically a workout inspired by elements of Yoga, Pilates and Ballett designed to strengthen and tone your body. 


The word Yoga means union and incorporates the unification of body, mind & soul. With our practise, whether it is a strengthening or pure relaxation I will aid your to connect with your own being and to find your own inner truth! 


With much love, 

Bree x 

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