about me... 

Birgit is a certified yoga teacher and teaches in Vienna and on travels.

She has learned about yoga and its philosophy in India, and worked in a Yoga Retreat in Goa, where she could deepen her yoga knowledge and practice. Birgit completed a Hatha Yoga teacher training - focused on Vinyasa Flow and philosophy - by Tara Folton in Nicaragua. She loves to offer powerful & flowy but also  gentle & grounding classes and tries to tailor the level to her student's needs. The connection to nature and the integration of the elements and chakras (energy channels) is a big part of her yoga classes.


In summer 2015 she was able to complete the training for Nuad Thai Yoga masseuse. Apart from applying this technique in massages, it is additionally very beneficials for the the alignment of her students in class. 


Birgit completed her studies in tourism management has worked in the hospitality industry and tourism in Austria and abroad since of 2006. The interplay of traveling and people has always been an important part of the job as well as private and can be integrated perfectly in the world of yoga and health.


Birgit loves to move and sing (not on a professional level ;) ) - hence she loves to chant mantras or very hearty OMs in the classes.


Health, happiness, fun, passion in body, mind and soul - that's Yoga!