... connection of body-mind-soul to experience love, happiness and health

breeyoga is a holistic Yoga- and health concept directed to companies, individuals and studios. Everybody should have access to yoga and wellbeing whether at work or at home in order to function at their best.



Yoga is an understanding of your body originating thousands of years ago in India with the aim of developing inner and outer harmony. The word yoga means union and incorporates the unification of body, mind & soul.

In yoga, we use breathing to connect the mind and body to balance the active and passive aspects of life. Yoga helps to reduce mental stress and physical tension by combining special movements (Asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayama).


On a physical level, we stretch and strengthen the body simultaneously to attain a state of wellbeing. With the support of meditation and concentration exercises, it is possible to ground yourself and discover inner peace.

People seek out yoga classes for different reasons, including:

- Stress reduction

- Strengthening

- Stretching

- Stabilization of the body


- Spirituality


Nowadays, there are many different yoga styles and classes being offered. This is a beautiful thing as there are billions of individual human beings on earth who all have different needs. This vast array of options can make it difficult for someone to find the ideal style or appropriate class/level for them. There is no right or wrong answer to this search as the most important thing is how you feel during and after your class. More often than not, it is advisable to sample different classes in order to find the style that suits you. And sometimes you might want to vary your style to accommodate how you feel at the time.  For example you may desire an energizing Vinyasa Flow class in the morning and then a very relaxing and grounding Yin yoga class in the evening. Whatever you feel is the perfect style for you in that moment.



Always remember you are doing yoga just for YOURSELF. The aim is to make you feel good and to assist in finding YOUR inner self.  Listed below are some of the styles and classes I am offering which will allow you to do just that. – ENJOY



... a form of yoga, which focuses on the balance between body and mind through physical exercises (Asanas), breathing exercises (Pranayama) and meditation.



... describes a flowy and dynamic form of yoga. Nyasa means "to place" and Vi denotes "in a certain way". Asanas and Mudras (hand gestures) are connected with deep and steady breathing. It is common to use the Ujjayi breathing technique (ocean breath). This process helps to stay present in the moment and to find ease and stability in every posture. The beautiful feeling of flowing through the postures takes precedence over maintaining strict form between each pose.



... an energizing Vinyasa flow class accompanied by different sounds of music. Using music helps the mind to focus whilst breathing in accordance with the rhythm of the beat. There is space to dance and flow through asanas however, the focus on alignment remains important. The goal is to deeply breathe into each posture to gain the full effect. There is also time to unwind, relax and feel the energy during the long savasana at the conclusion of the class.

Go with the flow...



... an American variation of Ashtanga yoga. In power yoga the positions, movements and breathing techniques are adapted to the participants, unlike Ashtanga yoga where the movements and positions always remain the same. The combination of dynamic movements and conscious breathing techniques strengthens and trains both mind and body. As with all yoga styles, mental peace and inner balance is maintained by incorporating the exercises into your daily routine.



... a rather relaxing yoga style and the counterpart to the active (yang) forms of yoga. Positions are held without actively engaging the muscles over a longer period (3 to 5 minutes). The expansion goes into deeper layers of the body to bonded fascia (connective tissue) to release in a gentle way. In Restorative yoga, props such as blocks, straps, blankets etc. are used to give the body the best possible comfort. The aim is to bring the nervous system into parasympathetic mode where the body regenerates, digests & relieves. Positions are often held for longer than 10 minutes.



... a fun, challenging and creative yoga experience on a stand up paddle board. SUP yoga is a special opportunity to enjoy yoga whilst being in harmony with nature. The movements and breathing happen with the natural flow of the water and wind, thus strengthen the connection to and awareness of the environment in which you find yourself. Performing the asanas on the water helps you to strengthen the body even more and simultaneously fortifies your balance. Suddenly it is no longer important how deep you move into a position but rather how good the moment feels.



… a great opportunity to enhance the well-being and general health of your employees. Any of the above styles can be offered at your company, either for 60min or 90min sessions on any day of the week. It improves the general state of health of each individual employee and can strengthen team bonds. Furthermore this is an opportunity to show your appreciation to your team by offering something unique that benefits everyone involved. Contact me for further information.