Nutrition & Wellbeing

Nutrition is a very important aspect of well-being and essential for excellent mental and physical performance. As a certified nutrition and health coach, I support you in creating an ideal nutrition plan for you.

  • Assessment of nutrition, diet and body composition
  • Explanation of the effects of malnutrition or excess and nutritional quality on health
  • Creation of individual diet plans to achieve the desired body weight, body composition or sports and training goals
  • Tailor-made nutritional and motivational strategies for individual or group needs including culture, lifestyle, motivational and behavioral factors including ongoing communication

I also organise workshops and lectures as well as weekends on the subject of well-being and balanced nutrition. Just contact me here.

Healthy Eating

I organise workshops on healthy eating and how to implement new diets into your daily life. 

Body Constitution

Assessment of your physical body and daily habits to create an ideal diet plan for you.

Sport Nutrition

I support athletes with a balanced and performance-oriented diet.